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Features in Office

Matus Uzak committed changes in [calligra] /words/msword-odf:

DOC: Improvements in processing of the background shading.

* Sharing one conversion function that translates the shading information
into a color in the format "#RRGGBB".
* Returning a reasonable default instead of shading patterns at the moment.
* Also some readability improvements.

File Changes

Modified 11 files
  • /words/msword-odf
  •   filters/conversion.cpp
  •   filters/conversion.h
  •   filters/document.h
  •   filters/paragraph.cpp
  •   filters/paragraph.h
  •   filters/tablehandler.cpp
  •   filters/wv2/src/convert.cpp
  •   filters/wv2/src/styles.cpp
  •   filters/wv2/src/word97_generated.cpp
  •   filters/wv2/src/word97_generated.h
  •   filters/wv2/src/word97_helper.cpp
11 files changed in total