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Laurent Garnier committed changes in [kgeography/cherry_field] /:

placeasker fairer for parts not yet connected to any visible border.

If a part to place has no visible border yet in the current game, it is
more difficult to place than a part for which at least a portion of
border is "visible" (a neighbouring part with a common border is
already shown or the part has a border with a not clickable --and thus
already visible-- part).
One way to counterbalance this is to be more lenient on distance
criterium when the part to place has no visible neighbour than for a
place that has. So we have to know common borders. We get this by
scanning pixels at placeasker creation.

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  •   src/placeasker.cpp
  •   src/placeasker.h
  •   src/placemapwidget.cpp
  •   src/placemapwidget.h
4 files changed in total