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Bug Fixes in KDE Base

Dawit Alemayehu committed changes in [kde-runtime] /:

- Removed the regular expression check for IP addresses since QUrl/KUrl now
correctly parse almost all short url addresses.
- Create the remaining QRegExp checks once instead of on demand.
- Use KUser for username name and directory shortcuts, e.g. ~/, resolution.
- Percent-encoded extra '@' within a URL's username component (Workaround).
- Added unit tests for IPv6 URLs and escaping of '@' in usernames.

FIXED-IN: 4.6.5
REVIEW: 101576

(cherry picked from commit d1101e6dae09c73bbf319061fc229da936c4e4bf)

File Changes

Modified 3 files
  •   kurifilter-plugins/shorturi/kshorturifilter.cpp
  •   kurifilter-plugins/shorturi/kshorturifilter.h
  •   kurifilter-plugins/tests/kurifiltertest.cpp
3 files changed in total