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Bug Fixes in Office

Allan Anderson committed changes in /trunk/extragear/office/kmymoney/kmymoney:

During QIF import of investments, categories of the form "Category:Sub-category" are created as a single category with no hierarchy. In mymoneystatementreader.cpp, the routine
d->interestId(t_in.m_strInterestCategory)) was found not to recognise a
category:sub-category structure already existing, and would create a new
category named like 'category:sub-category' without the hierarchy. When the categoryToAccount() routine was substituted, this recognised and found the correct existing sub-account, but did not create one if none existed. MyMoneyStatementReader::Private::nameToId was rewritten to handle category
sub-accounts, recognising existing ones and otherwise creating them.

Handling of IntInc transactions did not allow for a security to be named, nor for the presence of quantities and prices. Also, it did not allow for a fee to be described as IntInc.

To assist with the handling of 'L' records which were indicating a category,
changes were made to use any existing brokerage account to supply/receive
any monies. If no brokerage account already existed, the record would be
left flagged as missing an assignment. This then highlighted a need for the ability to edit IntInc transactions, in order to specify an appropriate import account, and therefore included adding that action type to the UI.

File Changes

Modified 9 files
  • /trunk/extragear/office/kmymoney/kmymoney
  •   /converter/mymoneyqifreader.cpp
  •   /converter/mymoneystatementreader.cpp
  •   /dialogs/investactivities.cpp
  •   /dialogs/investactivities.h
  •   /dialogs/investtransactioneditor.cpp
  •   /mymoney/mymoneysplit.cpp
  •   /mymoney/mymoneysplit.h
  •   /widgets/kmymoneymvccombo.cpp
  •   /widgets/transaction.cpp
9 files changed in total