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Bug Fixes in KDE Base

Sebastian Trueg committed changes in [kde-runtime] /services/storage:

Fixed asynclientapi test.

Due to the changes in DMS the test did not work anymore since it could
not find the fake service and failed to update the class and property
tree. Now we use a different service DBus id for the fake DMS via a env

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /services/storage
  •   nepomuk/lib/createresourcejob.cpp
  •   nepomuk/lib/describeresourcesjob.cpp
  •   nepomuk/lib/genericdatamanagementjob.cpp
  •   nepomuk/lib/genericdatamanagementjob_p.h
  •   nepomuk/test/asyncclientapitest.cpp
  •   nepomuk/test/fakedatamanagementservice.cpp
  •   nepomuk/test/fakedatamanagementservice.h
7 files changed in total