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Bug Fixes in Educational

Konstantin Oblaukhov committed changes in [marble/gsoc-2011-osmrender] /lib:

Rollback geometry deleting in GeoDataPlacemark and Way->Polygon converting.

Fix issue with tag building=yes and VisualCategory - now all POI has building style for geometry by default.

Parking areas.

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  • /lib
  •   src/GeometryLayer.cpp
  •   src/geodata/data/GeoDataFeature.cpp
  •   src/geodata/data/GeoDataFeature_p.h
  •   src/geodata/data/GeoDataPlacemark.cpp
  •   src/geodata/handlers/osm/OsmGlobals.cpp
  •   src/geodata/handlers/osm/OsmTagTagHandler.cpp
6 files changed in total