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Features in KDE Base

Artem Serebriyskiy committed changes in [nepomuk-system-tray] /:

Add special development mode for system tray with extra features

When development mode is enabled, system tray allow user to start and
stop services. Plugin developers may export extra actions for their
services in this mode.
To enable this mode you must set devMode=true in config file

File Changes

Modified 13 files
  •   lib/systrayplugin.cpp
  •   lib/systrayplugin.h
  •   plugins/backup/nepomukbackupsyncplugin.cpp
  •   plugins/backup/nepomukbackupsyncplugin.h
  •   plugins/backup/systraynepomukbackupsyncpluginui.rc
  •   plugins/basic_template/
  •   plugins/basic_template/
  •   plugins/basic_template/
  •   plugins/strigi/strigiplugin.cpp
  •   plugins/strigi/strigiplugin.h
  •   plugins/strigi/systraystrigipluginui.rc
  •   runtime/systemtray/systray.cpp
  •   runtime/systemtray/systray.h
13 files changed in total