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Bug Fixes in Office

Matus Uzak committed changes in [calligra] /:

libmso: Use reserve achor in case OfficeArtClientAnchor is missing.

* Sometimes OfficeArtClientAnchor, which provides some client specific data to obtain
shape dimensions and position is missing. Each client should decide what to do
in this case. For MS-DOC client, the data can be accessed based on the character
position (CP) in the document. I could not reproduce the problem after re-save in
MS Office 2000/2003/2007. The test files attached to Bug 275290 is a well known broken file.
I left an assert to obtain test data for inline shapes with missing OfficeArtClientAnchor.

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  •   filters/libmso/ODrawToOdf.h
  •   filters/libmso/shapes.cpp
  •   filters/kpresenter/powerpoint/PptToOdp.cpp
  •   filters/words/msword-odf/drawclient.cpp
  •   filters/words/msword-odf/graphicshandler.cpp
  •   filters/words/msword-odf/graphicshandler.h
  •   filters/tables/excel/import/ODrawClient.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/import/ODrawClient.h
8 files changed in total