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Features in KDE Base

Sebastian Kügler committed changes in [plasma-mobile] /qtwebbrowser:

Use KUriFilter to mangle input

This makes all the nice webshortcuts work, which is especially cool
given that input on a keyboard sucks. Also, just entering something
searches now. Good stuff.

The mechanism is as follows:
- user enters a fuzzy "url" or webshortcut
- the UrlInput Item signals urlEntered
- View::onUrlEntered filters the input and
- sets the result as property "filteredUrl" on the UrlInput Item
- the UrlInput Item reacts to this change by loading the filtered URL
using a new function in webbrowser.qml

The filter is also applied to a command-line argument passed into
rekonq-active, so can be used from "outside" as well.

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  • /qtwebbrowser
  •   applets/view.cpp
  •   applets/view.h
  •   applets/package/contents/code/webbrowser.qml
  •   applets/package/contents/code/content/FlickableWebView.qml
  •   applets/package/contents/code/content/Header.qml
  •   applets/package/contents/code/content/UrlInput.qml
6 files changed in total