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Stefan Majewsky committed changes in [libtagaro] /graphics:

TagaroGraphics: add processingInstruction

The "processing instruction" data field is a means for the programmer to
communicate with the graphics source. This addition has been requested
by Jeffrey Kelling, who wants to add a new GraphicsSource that mimics
the customColors support of KGameRenderer.

File Changes

Modified 11 files
  • /graphics
  •   tagaro/declthemeprovider.cpp
  •   tagarosource.cpp
  •   tagarosource.h
  •   tagarosources.cpp
  •   tagarosources.h
  •   tagaro/sprite.cpp
  •   tagaro/sprite.h
  •   tagaro/sprite_p.h
  •   tagaro/spriteclient.cpp
  •   tagaro/spriteclient.h
  •   tagaro/themeprovider.h
11 files changed in total