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Optimization in Graphics

Gilles Caulier committed changes in [digikam] /:

Big changes here in CameraGUI:

-Load camera icon view thumbnail on the fly. Do not load all of then at the first time, which time consuming.

-Reduce memory allocation of thumbs to only visible items.

-Reduce time loading at camera connection to only parse file system information not metadata from files, which time consuming.
Definitivly, camera connection duration is reduced by 10~20.

-Camera icon view are sorted by date from file system. Metadata are loaded on the fly, at the same time than thumbnails,
especially to display photo properties from tool-tips and right sidebar.
Note : at this commit, only USM camera is patched, GPhoto driver still todo.

-In camera drivers, simplify api and add new virtual methods to get full metadata container (not only exif). Always get metadata
through separate thread to reduce time latency in gui.

-In camera sidebar implementation, remove all dependencies to CameraIconView and CameraIconItem for future Qt4 model/view port
of camera icon view.

-Bug fix in UMSCamera driver about to load date time-stamp from file system : information is never stored through imagescanner.

-General implementation polish and optimizations, especially in camera item info container.

File Changes

Modified 19 files
  •   libs/imageproperties/cameraitempropertiestab.cpp
  •   libs/imageproperties/cameraitempropertiestab.h
  •   libs/imageproperties/imagepropertiessidebarcamgui.cpp
  •   libs/imageproperties/imagepropertiessidebarcamgui.h
  •   utilities/cameragui/controller/cameracontroller.cpp
  •   utilities/cameragui/controller/cameracontroller.h
  •   utilities/cameragui/devices/dkcamera.cpp
  •   utilities/cameragui/devices/dkcamera.h
  •   utilities/cameragui/devices/gpcamera.cpp
  •   utilities/cameragui/devices/gpcamera.h
  •   utilities/cameragui/devices/gpiteminfo.h
  •   utilities/cameragui/devices/umscamera.cpp
  •   utilities/cameragui/devices/umscamera.h
  •   utilities/cameragui/items/cameraiconitem.cpp
  •   utilities/cameragui/items/cameraiconitem.h
  •   utilities/cameragui/main/cameraui.cpp
  •   utilities/cameragui/main/cameraui.h
  •   utilities/cameragui/views/cameraiconview.cpp
  •   utilities/cameragui/views/cameraiconview.h
19 files changed in total