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Antonio José Gallo Sánchez committed changes in [owncloud/file_sync_server] /:

* The integration into ownCloud has been refactored. Now the fileSync folder is on the app folder
* Added appinfo folder for integration with owncloud and all the neccesary files
*No database.xml commited by now, since I've been unable to make it work
*The install.php file in this folder should configure automatically the config.xml file of PHPSyncML
* Added templates folder with all the neccesary templates for the vcf web interface editor
* Added editor.php to be the main script of the vcf web interface editor
* Renamed config.php to config_fileSync.php in order to avoid problems importing base.php lib from owncloud
* Renamed files.php to files_fileSync.php in order to avoid problems importing base.php lib from owncloud
*Require call on index.php modified properly to that
*Also shows a message when it's called from a browser
* Added settings.php to let the app be configurated. The file is empty by now

*NOT tested yet in a clean installation!

File Changes

Added 9 files
  • /fileSync
  •   apps/editor.php
  •   apps/settings.php
  •   apps/appinfo/app.php
  •   apps/appinfo/info.xml
  •   apps/appinfo/install.php
  •   apps/config/config.xml
  •   apps/templates/list.php
  •   apps/templates/part.breadcrumb.php
  •   apps/templates/view.php
Deleted 2 files
  •   .htaccess
  •   fileSync/config/config.xml
Modified 1 files
  • .gitignore
12 files changed in total