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Features in Office

Sebastian Sauer committed changes in [calligra/libs-toc-sebsauer] /:

Work on ToC.
This lands following in the branch;
1) Be sure we always set the QTextBlock and always regenerate the toc
2 times at the beginning.This reintroduces the generate() during
layout-run logic which we indeed needto minimize the numbers of
relayouts needed. That reopens the original problemwe had with
headers that are above the toc may result in us dealing with
the wrong QTextBlock cause the position() changed then. Will
look how to solve thatin a better way.Also this still does not
fix the problem that thoseThe_Miscellaneous_Icons_And_Scroll_Bars.odt
produces wrong anchor-position resultscause of the toc's relayout.
But for that we probably need to repair the way how anchor
repositioning is done atm (to be more exact it's not done at all).
2) Proper right-align position the page-numbers.

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  •   libs/kotext/KoTableOfContentsGeneratorInfo.h
  •   libs/textlayout/KoTextLayoutArea.cpp
  •   libs/textlayout/ToCGenerator.cpp
  •   libs/textlayout/ToCGenerator.h
4 files changed in total