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Timothy Pearson committed changes in /branches/trinity/kdebase:

Add Xorg composition support to kdm
KDM composition can be enabled in the control center
When enabled, it provides seamless composited logins to Trinity sessions
It also gets rid of the remaining artifacts in the themed kdm login screen

File Changes

Modified 12 files
  • /branches/trinity/kdebase
  •   /kdm/config.def
  •   /kcontrol/kdm/kdm-appear.cpp
  •   /kcontrol/kdm/kdm-appear.h
  •   /kdm/kfrontend/kgapp.cpp
  •   /kdm/kfrontend/kgapp.h
  •   /kdm/kfrontend/kgreeter.h
  •   /kwin/kompmgr/kompmgr.c
  •   /kdm/kfrontend/themer/kdmitem.cpp
  •   /kdm/kfrontend/themer/kdmpixmap.cpp
  •   /kdm/kfrontend/themer/kdmrect.cpp
  •   /kdm/kfrontend/themer/kdmthemer.cpp
  •   /kdm/kfrontend/themer/kdmthemer.h
12 files changed in total