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Bug Fixes in Networking Tools

Ilia Kats committed changes in [networkmanagement/nm09] /:

Improve connection sorting

Previously, sorting was done by the plasmoid in a very simple way. newly
added activatables were not being sorted at all. But since we already
have a sorted list on the session bus which resorts every time an activatable
is added, we can just use that.

File Changes

Modified 17 files
  •   plasma_nm_version.h
  •   applet/activatablelistwidget.cpp
  •   applet/activatablelistwidget.h
  •   applet/interfaceitem.cpp
  •   applet/networkmanager.cpp
  •   applet/nmpopup.cpp
  •   applet/vpninterfaceitem.cpp
  •   libs/client/remoteactivatablelist.cpp
  •   libs/client/remoteactivatablelist.h
  •   libs/service/activatablelist.cpp
  •   libs/service/activatablelist.h
  •   libs/service/sessionabstractedservice.cpp
  •   libs/service/sessionabstractedservice.h
  •   libs/service/sortedactivatablelist.cpp
  •   libs/service/sortedactivatablelist.h
  •   libs/service/wirelessnetworkinterfaceactivatableprovider.cpp
  •   libs/service/interfaces/org.kde.networkmanagement.xml
17 files changed in total