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Bug Fixes in Utilities

Rolf Eike Beer committed changes in [kgpg/KDE/4.7] /:

fix crash when generating a key fails before user entered password

If the GnuPG process started to generate a new key failed before the user
entered the password (e.g. because of a broken configuration file) we will use
an already deleted object.

The reason for this was opening a dialog and waiting for its result in a slot,
so the underlying object could have been deleted by the return to the event
loop. Now this is completely handled by signals and slots.


File Changes

Modified 4 files
  •   transactions/kgpggeneratekey.cpp
  •   transactions/kgpggeneratekey.h
  •   transactions/kgpgtransaction.cpp
  •   transactions/kgpgtransaction.h
4 files changed in total