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Bug Fixes in Office

Lukáš Tvrdý committed changes in [calligra] /:

Fix missing images in groups

o use libmso to handle pictures
o fixes missing borders around pictures
o adds features from libmso like black and white mode

Known regressions: exposing more issues with z-index similar to bug 286607,
as z-index is not handled at all in the excel filter.

File Changes

Modified 16 files
  •   filters/libmso/pictures.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/import/ExcelImport.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/import/
  •   filters/tables/excel/import/ODrawClient.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/cell.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/cell.h
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/excel.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/excel.h
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/globalssubstreamhandler.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/globalssubstreamhandler.h
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/objects.h
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/sheet.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/sheet.h
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/workbook.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/workbook.h
  •   filters/tables/excel/sidewinder/worksheetsubstreamhandler.cpp
16 files changed in total