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Nils Fenner committed changes in [libqgit2] /:

Allow QGitCommit to pass as QGitObject

Implements the relationship "a Commit *is* an Object".

QGitCommit inherits from QGitObject, in the same way that git_commit
conceptually inherits from git_object in C.

Because QGitObject stores a pointer to a git_object, reinterpret_cast
is needed to convert between the two.

A function is added to turn a QGitObject into a QGitCommit, if the
object is a commit, otherwise a null object is returned (analog to

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  •   src/qgitcommit.cpp
  •   src/qgitcommit.h
  •   src/qgitobject.cpp
  •   src/qgitobject.h
4 files changed in total