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Bug Fixes in KDE Base

Peter Penz committed changes in [kde-baseapps] /src:

Fix "show hidden files" issues

Use KFileItemModel instead of KDirLister for toggling the whether
hidden files should be shown. This assures that the signal
KFileItemModel::loadingCompleted() will be emitted.

In the longterm Dolphin should only use the KFileItemModel, so that
the KDirLister instance is used only internally as implementation
detail in KFileItemModel. Although there are only a few cases left
where KDirLister is used instead of KFileItemModel this cleanup
will be postponed to after the 4.8 release...

FIXED-IN: 4.8.0

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  • /src
  •   dolphin/kitemviews/kfileitemmodel.cpp
  •   dolphin/kitemviews/kfileitemmodel.h
  •   dolphin/views/dolphinview.cpp
  •   dolphin/panels/folders/folderspanel.cpp
4 files changed in total