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Bug Fixes in Office

Sebastian Sauer committed changes in [calligra] /tables:

Fix all the entries in the pie chart are displaying with the same color.

This fixes;
* All 2000/2003 ring and circle diagrams show proper colors now.
* Formattings given for a DataPoint are not any longer applied to the last used series (what was wrong and resulted in us showing wrong colors, markers where no markers are, etc. pp.) but to the DataPoint.
* DataFormat's is proper evaluated now what is rather important cause it is able to switch the currently used series.
* MarkerFormat's are only applied to series till we proper support data-point markers.
* The auto-fill of AreaFormat's is now also evaluated and applied for the PlotArea and DataPoints

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  • /tables
  •   filters/xlsx/ChartExport.cpp
  •   filters/xlsx/Charting.h
  •   filters/excel/sidewinder/chartsubstreamhandler.cpp
  •   filters/excel/sidewinder/chartsubstreamhandler.h
4 files changed in total