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Features in KDE-PIM

Shaheed Haque committed changes in /trunk/playground/pim/akonadi/exchange:

1. Optimise the properties fetched for a Contact.

2. Use the results of the previous commit, and the above change
to move MapiNote out into the mail resource.

3. Start to bring the mail resource to life. This is very
rough at present, but the attachment fetching logic is starting
to work in some cases (there is plenty still to do!).

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  • /trunk/playground/pim/akonadi/exchange
  •   /connector/mapiconnector2.cpp
  •   /connector/mapiconnector2.h
  •   /contacts/exgalresource.cpp
  •   /mail/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /mail/exmailresource.cpp
  •   /mail/exmailresource.h
6 files changed in total