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Bug Fixes in Office

Sebastian Sauer committed changes in [calligra] /tables/xlsx:

Fix auto-title in 2007 charts.
The c:autoTitleDeleted is actually defined *after* the c:title what means we cannot use that setting while evaluating the title. So, what we do is to read the title and proper eval the autoTitle only if 1) no title was defined (a defined title always overwrites that setting anyways what we did not proper take into account before too) and 2) only if autoTitleDeleted was explicit defined and set to false we do set the auto-title (the default value is false what means we should not apply any auto-title if autoTitleDeleted was not explicit set to true what was wrong before too).

File Changes

Modified 2 files
  • /tables/xlsx
  •   filters/XlsxXmlChartReader.cpp
  •   filters/XlsxXmlChartReader.h
2 files changed in total