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Bug Fixes in KDE Base

Lamarque Souza committed changes in [kactivities/ivan/activity-encryption] /:

Several fixes:

. make EncryptionManager::Private::terminateActivityEncryption()

. add signal EncryptionManager::activityEncryptionChanged()
to inform the activity dataengine when encryption option changes for an

. fix removing encfs configuration file when disabling encryption.

. emit signals EncfsInterface::mounted() and EncfsInterface::unmounted()

. some small optimizations.

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  •   service/ActivityManager.cpp
  •   service/ActivityManager.h
  •   service/encryption/EncfsInterface.cpp
  •   service/encryption/EncfsInterface.h
  •   service/encryption/EncryptionManager.cpp
  •   service/encryption/EncryptionManager.h
6 files changed in total