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Features in Educational

Barth Netterfield committed changes in /branches/work/kst/portto4/kst/src:

A new feature: annotation view items can now be set to have their
positions 'fixed to data', so that if you scroll or more data comes in,
the annotation object moves along with the data. It is set in the
dimensions tab of the view item's dialog.

What I am commiting here works ~perfectly for boxes, circles and
ellipses for both scaling and translation.

It works fine for labels for translation, but they tend to drift with

For arrows and lines, it works fine for translation, but has problems
with scaling, because, for view objects, the item's rotation is defined
in screen units. This will be fixed.

File Changes

Modified 20 files
  • /branches/work/kst/portto4/kst/src
  •   /libkstapp/arrowitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/boxitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/buttonitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/circleitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/dimensionstab.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/dimensionstab.h
  •   /libkstapp/dimensionstab.ui
  •   /libkstapp/ellipseitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/labelitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/legenditem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/lineedititem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/lineitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/plotitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/plotitem.h
  •   /libkstapp/plotrenderitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/viewitem.cpp
  •   /libkstapp/viewitem.h
  •   /libkstapp/viewitemdialog.cpp
  •   /widgets/dialogdefaults.cpp
  •   /widgets/dialogdefaults.h
20 files changed in total