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Features in Accessibility

Mathias Stieger committed changes in [simon-tools] /:

Changes to COmmunication, Images, Videos and Shop

Requests>Shopping: amount of the first item now changable
small changes to videos and music: active item now highlighted
communication: phone and skype buttons are visible when an skype account
or an phone number exists.
SendMessage: depending on available email address or skype name you can
send the correspondent message

File Changes

Modified 5 files
  •   simon-touch/contactsmodel.cpp
  •   simon-touch/qml/simontouch/MainCommunication.qml
  •   simon-touch/qml/simontouch/MainInformationImages.qml
  •   simon-touch/qml/simontouch/MainInformationVideos.qml
  •   simon-touch/qml/simontouch/MainRequestsShoppingHousehold.qml
5 files changed in total