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Bug Fixes in Graphics

Francesco Riosa committed changes in [digikam] /:

fix compilation under ARM device.

qReal translate to different types on different architectures.
Consensus is that the current state of affairs will be kept for qt 5.0
too [1].

Luckily the function affected "SearchFieldRangeInt" is only used to
store exposure times [2] where 6 precision digit suffice.

So we add functions to write <float> and cast to <qReal> where needed
and be done with that.

[2] ChangeLog 2008-07-07 For use with the exposuretime field ...

P.S. CustomStepsDoubleSpinBox could be converted to
CustomStepsFloatSpinBox but seem not worth the effort.
Marcel hope you're ok with this

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  •   libs/database/searchxml.cpp
  •   libs/database/searchxml.h
  •   utilities/searchwindow/searchfields.cpp
  •   libs/widgets/graphicsview/regionframeitem.cpp
4 files changed in total