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Optimization in Networking Tools

George Kiagiadakis committed changes in [ktp-call-ui] /:

libktpcall: Simplify the controllers API

* Consider all source & sink controllers private classes by themselves
and get rid of the *ControllerPrivate classes.
* Move the sink managers into a separate source file.
* Fix a few things in BaseSinkManager.
* Move some parts of the implementation from Audio/VideoSinkManager
to the Audio/VideoSinkController classes.
* Add subclasses of CallContentHandler that expose the various pipeline
controls that used to be exposed by the source/sink controllers.

File Changes

Added 1 files
  • libktpcall/sink-managers.cpp
Deleted 1 files
  • libktpcall/source-controllers_p.h
Modified 10 files
  •   libktpcall/call-content-handler.cpp
  •   libktpcall/call-content-handler.h
  •   libktpcall/call-content-handler_p.h
  •   libktpcall/CMakeLists.txt
  •   libktpcall/sink-controllers.cpp
  •   libktpcall/sink-controllers.h
  •   libktpcall/source-controllers.cpp
  •   libktpcall/source-controllers.h
  •   src/call-window.cpp
  •   libktpcall/tests/sourcetest.cpp
12 files changed in total