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Bug Fixes in Office

Thorsten Zachmann committed changes in [calligra/calligra/2.4] /defaultTools/defaulttool:

Fix painting artefacts after snapping has be used.

Update the position the snap is shown before and after moving.
Reset the data once the action is finished.
Update the canvas when the interaction is finished so the snap guid is no longer visible.

Reviewed by: boemann
(cherry picked from commit 6213b81369b108a8650377e9f30e1e2e3d8c1ff5)

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  • /defaultTools/defaulttool
  •   plugins/ShapeMoveStrategy.cpp
  •   plugins/ShapeMoveStrategy.h
  •   plugins/ShapeResizeStrategy.cpp
  •   plugins/ShapeResizeStrategy.h
4 files changed in total