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Features in Multimedia

Daniel Faust committed changes in [amarok] /:

Some changes to the handling of cover art reading and writing

The maximum dimensions for embedded covers are now configurable.
When writing covers to files, all existing covers will be replaced.

REVIEW: 104513
GUI: New configuration option for the maximum cover size in the 'local collection' tab

File Changes

Modified 10 files
  •   ChangeLog
  •   src/amarokconfig.kcfg
  •   shared/tag_helpers/ASFTagHelper.cpp
  •   shared/tag_helpers/ID3v2TagHelper.cpp
  •   shared/tag_helpers/MP4TagHelper.cpp
  •   shared/tag_helpers/TagHelper.h
  •   shared/tag_helpers/VorbisCommentTagHelper.cpp
  •   src/dialogs/CollectionSetup.cpp
  •   src/dialogs/CollectionSetup.h
  •   src/core-impl/collections/db/sql/SqlMeta.cpp
10 files changed in total