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Bug Fixes in Graphics

Miika Turkia committed changes in [kphotoalbum] /:

Allow inclusion of collapsed stacks for selection.

By default, ThumbnailFacade::selection now includes images of collapsed
stacks, not just the stack head. You can revert to the old behaviour by
using ThumbnailFacade::selection(ThumbnailView::NoExpandCollapsedStacks)

File Changes

Modified 9 files
  •   ThumbnailView/enums.h
  •   ThumbnailView/KeyboardEventHandler.cpp
  •   ThumbnailView/SelectionInteraction.cpp
  •   ThumbnailView/SelectionMaintainer.cpp
  •   ThumbnailView/ThumbnailDND.cpp
  •   ThumbnailView/ThumbnailFacade.cpp
  •   ThumbnailView/ThumbnailFacade.h
  •   ThumbnailView/ThumbnailWidget.cpp
  •   ThumbnailView/ThumbnailWidget.h
9 files changed in total