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Bug Fixes in Development Tools

Milian Wolff committed changes in [kdevelop/4.3] /cpp/cppduchain:

Fix begin-lookup for auto-type deduction in range-based for loops.

First up, ensure we pick the proper list type by introducing a
virtual ContextBuilder::handleRangeBasedFor that is then overwritten
in the DeclarationBuilder. This way we can ensure that lastType()
actually returns the type we want.

Then, when we don't find a viable begin function in the current
namespace via ADL, fallback to ::std::begin (in accordance to the
spec) and repeat.

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /cpp/cppduchain
  •   languages/contextbuilder.cpp
  •   languages/contextbuilder.h
  •   languages/declarationbuilder.cpp
  •   languages/declarationbuilder.h
  •   languages/overloadresolutionhelper.cpp
  •   languages/tests/test_duchain.h
  •   languages/tests/test_duchain_cpp2011.cpp
7 files changed in total