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Sven Krohlas committed changes in [amarok] /:

Amazon store: improved icons

As always created by Fabi. Thanks agein. :-)

>From his description of changes:
"OK Finally I'm ready. the emblem is now the same as the 16x16 Icon and all
icons are new with KDE Oxygen colors and the card Icon so you can see that
its a store attaches 3 pictures from amarok so you can see its eyefriendlier
on dark colors. so far - I Hope you like it and if something is wrong I will
fix it"

Note: I had to remove the icon cache at
to make them show up. Maybe that trick is needed for you, too. ;-)

M +- -- src/images/emblem-amazon-scalable.svgz
M +- -- src/images/emblem-amazon.png
M +- -- src/images/icons/hi16-action-view-services-amazon-amarok.png
M +- -- src/images/icons/hi22-action-view-services-amazon-amarok.png
M +- -- src/images/icons/hi32-action-view-services-amazon-amarok.png
M +- -- src/images/icons/hi48-action-view-services-amazon-amarok.png
M +- -- src/images/icons/svg/action-view-services-amazon-amarok.svgz