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Bug Fixes in Office

Dag Andersen committed changes in [calligra] /:

Fix printing issues

Add a Printing Options pane to the configure view dialog for all
views that support printing.
Update print dialog if number of pages changes. (when print options are changed)
Add print support for Accounts editor.
Do not create a painter on the printer (do not call painter()) as the
save()/restore() in the KoPrintingDialog class is strange.
Set page layout stuff for the reports. (There are issues with koreport here)

TODO: QPrintPreviewDialog freezes if more than one page is fed to it.

File Changes

Added 1 files
  • plan/kptprintingcontrolprivate.h
Modified 28 files
  •   plan/kptview.cpp
  •   plan/kptview.h
  •   plan/workpackage/taskworkpackageview.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptaccountseditor.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptaccountseditor.h
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptaccountsview.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptaccountsviewconfigdialog.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptaccountsviewconfigdialog.h
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptdependencyeditor.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptdependencyeditor.h
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptdocumentseditor.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptganttview.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptganttview.h
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptitemviewsettup.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptitemviewsettup.h
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptpertresult.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptrelationeditor.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptresourceallocationeditor.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptresourceappointmentsview.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptresourceappointmentsview.h
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptresourceeditor.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptscheduleeditor.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kpttaskeditor.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kpttaskstatusview.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kpttaskstatusview.h
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptviewbase.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptviewbase.h
  •   plan/libs/ui/reports/reportview.cpp
29 files changed in total