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Features in Office

Martin Küttler committed changes in [cantor/gsoc2012] /:

Added richtext actions (with some problems)

The Richtext actions work with two exceptions:
- The font action and font size action cannot be disabled for
entries that do not support richtext. That is very irritating for
the user, but I don't know how I could disable them.
- Changing font, font size, or a color without a selection in the
text has no effect. It would be necessary to change the
currentCharFormat in the underlying QTextControl, and I have no idea
how to do that from outside. This is _very_ anying.

Apart from that a crash was fixed that could occur when all entries
are removed from the worksheet.

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  •   src/cantor.cpp
  •   src/cantor_part.cpp
  •   src/worksheet.cpp
  •   src/worksheet.h
  •   src/worksheetentry.cpp
  •   src/worksheetentry.h
  •   src/worksheettextitem.cpp
  •   src/worksheettextitem.h
8 files changed in total