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Martin Gräßlin committed changes in [kde-workspace/KDE/4.9] /clients/aurorae/src/qml:

Do not use States and Transitions in QML of Aurorae

According to Nuno it's much better to define the animations in
a Behavior element as that is together with the element which
gets animated.

Also he recommends to not use states but just property binding
for the properties which are animated in the Behavior.

And I must admit that this produces cleaner code, though the
conditions are now scattered all over the source code and not
nicely put together in one state section. Let's just hope I got
the logic right.

Well seems like it is useful to go to a QML training, at least
it made me aware of my State definitions are not good and then
talking to Nuno and giving a try to his recommendations.

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Modified 4 files
  • /clients/aurorae/src/qml
  •   kwin/aurorae.qml
  •   kwin/AuroraeButton.qml
  •   kwin/AuroraeButtonGroup.qml
  •   kwin/AuroraeMaximizeButton.qml
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