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Bug Fixes in Office

Martin Küttler committed changes in [cantor/gsoc2012] /:

Fixed some bugs in the ui

- Removed the option for inline completion, because the new interface
only has popup completion.
- Changed the cursor to an IBeamCursor for editable TextItems
- Pressing Shift+Del repeatedly does not remove the last entry anymore,
it should not be possible to get a worksheet without any entry.
- Entries that are wider than the window now make the horizontal
scrollbar appear, and the scroll width is adjusted appropriately
when new items are created or existing items are destroyed.

File Changes

Modified 16 files
  •   src/cantor.kcfg
  •   src/commandentry.cpp
  •   src/imageentry.cpp
  •   src/latexentry.cpp
  •   src/pagebreakentry.cpp
  •   src/settings.ui
  •   src/textentry.cpp
  •   src/textresultitem.cpp
  •   src/worksheet.cpp
  •   src/worksheet.h
  •   src/worksheetentry.cpp
  •   src/worksheetimageitem.cpp
  •   src/worksheetimageitem.h
  •   src/worksheettextitem.cpp
  •   src/worksheettextitem.h
  •   src/worksheetview.cpp
16 files changed in total