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Bug Fixes in KDE Base

Vishesh Handa committed changes in [nepomuk-core] /:

Merge branch 'KDE/4.9'

* Fix Resource tests
* Other miscelanous fixes

Full change log -

414fd4c Introduce fall-back indexing
75723eb ResourceWatcher: Convert uris to QUrls
64890e1 Move the SimpleResource tests to libnepomukcore
979f656 Report the Indexer error
be31679 ClassAndPropertyTree - Always make sure a url has a scheme
41c1e33 ResourceWatcher: Send the values as QVariants not QDBusVariants
64ccfe1 Fix ResourceTests: the nie:url will have a file protocol
5f5291f Fix ResourceTests - typeTopMost and resourceDeletion
825ea14 Fix DMMTest::removeDataByApplication10 - FileIndexer case
c42e7eb Loose ResourceManager::clearCache
a28d758 ResourceData::store - Give the correct type to createResource()
93d0c6b DescribeResources: Do not use inferencing when listing properties
b20140f Fix ResourceTests:newFolder
c0365a8 ResourceData: Connect the watcher for new resources
cea8e6f ResourceMerger: Fix equalGraphs check
14e67cf DMMTest: Fix testRemoveResources_invalid_args
4cb118c SimpleResource: Avoid duplicates when adding another PropertyHash
027e57d DMS: RemoveAllResources - Emit propertyRemoved for object resources
4325b20 DataManagementModel: Do not add type nfo:FileDataObject if it already exists
8a1ceb4 Ractor ResourceData and ResourceManager