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Features in Utilities

Jonathan Michael Thomas committed changes in [muon] /:

Port ApplicationDetailsWidget to AbstractResources.
Not everything is back as it was, but it compiles. Some things missing are menu path, support status, and addons.

In the process, I removed the Zeitgeist support. It's currently broken, and wasn't very useful to begin with. Since AbstractResource doesn't have Zeitgeist support I decided to just give it the boot.

File Changes

Deleted 1 files
Modified 15 files
  •   CMakeLists.txt
  •   installer/CMakeLists.txt
  •   libmuon/Application.cpp
  •   libmuon/Application.h
  •   discover/qml/ApplicationsListPage.qml
  •   installer/ApplicationDetailsView/ApplicationDetailsView.cpp
  •   installer/ApplicationDetailsView/ApplicationDetailsView.h
  •   installer/ApplicationDetailsView/ApplicationDetailsWidget.cpp
  •   installer/ApplicationDetailsView/ApplicationDetailsWidget.h
  •   installer/ApplicationView/ApplicationViewWidget.cpp
  •   installer/ApplicationView/ApplicationViewWidget.h
  •   libmuon/ApplicationModel/ApplicationModel.cpp
  •   libmuon/ApplicationModel/ApplicationModel.h
  •   libmuon/resources/ResourcesModel.cpp
  •   libmuon/resources/ResourcesModel.h
16 files changed in total