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Alexander Rieder committed changes in [cantor/rewrite_maxima] /:

start rewriting the maxima backend

start initial work on a new maxima backend. It makes better use of the
hooks provided by maxima to structure its output and make parsing easier.
It also drops the need for a second maxima process to do the conversion
of output to latex code. Instead the display2d function of maxima is
modified to also deliver the TeX-ified version of the output.
Setting up the maxima session and basic interaction is already working.

File Changes

Added 1 files
  • src/backends/maxima/cantor-initmaxima.lisp
Modified 7 files
  •   src/lib/defaulthighlighter.cpp
  •   src/backends/maxima/CMakeLists.txt
  •   src/backends/maxima/maximaexpression.cpp
  •   src/backends/maxima/maximaexpression.h
  •   src/backends/maxima/maximasession.cpp
  •   src/backends/maxima/maximasession.h
  •   src/backends/maxima/maximasyntaxhelpobject.cpp
8 files changed in total