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Optimization in KDE Base

Patrick Spendrin committed changes in [kdelibs/pvonreth/solid-win-backend] /solid:

Start to replace parts of the wmi backend with a new faster backend

The Wmi interface is to slow to be used in the way solid needs it.
For now I'll try to replace the Storage part.

File Changes

Added 12 files
  • /solid/backends/win
  •   solid/winblock.cpp
  •   solid/winblock.h
  •   solid/windevice.cpp
  •   solid/windevice.h
  •   solid/windevicemanager.cpp
  •   solid/windevicemanager.h
  •   solid/wingenericinterface.cpp
  •   solid/wingenericinterface.h
  •   solid/wininterface.cpp
  •   solid/wininterface.h
  •   solid/winstoragevolume.cpp
  •   solid/winstoragevolume.h
Modified 1 files
  • solid/solid/CMakeLists.txt
13 files changed in total