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Bug Fixes in Office

Jörg Ehrichs committed changes in [conquirere] /core:

Change Sparql Query/ResourceWatcher from QThread::moeToThread to QtConcurrent

In rare cases having the ResourceWatcher running in a thread lead to multiple access of the resource types and crash the program.
As threading is just needed to offer a more responsive startup it is done via QtConcurrent.

The ResourceWatcher and its connected slots for new/changed resources will be run in the main gui thread instead

File Changes

Modified 14 files
  • /core
  •   src/models/nepomukmodel.cpp
  •   src/models/nepomukmodel.h
  •   src/queryclients/documentquery.cpp
  •   src/queryclients/documentquery.h
  •   src/queryclients/eventquery.cpp
  •   src/queryclients/eventquery.h
  •   src/queryclients/notequery.cpp
  •   src/queryclients/notequery.h
  •   src/queryclients/publicationquery.cpp
  •   src/queryclients/publicationquery.h
  •   src/queryclients/referencequery.cpp
  •   src/queryclients/referencequery.h
  •   src/queryclients/seriesquery.cpp
  •   src/queryclients/seriesquery.h
14 files changed in total