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Features in Accessibility

Peter Grasch committed changes in [simon] /:

New synchronization protocol

Instead of many small messages, the client will now tell the server
about its data set in one announcmenet. The server will then plan the
synchronization process and only request necessary updates.
Requests themselves have no state and are therefore handled

File Changes

Modified 15 files
  •   simon/src/welcomepage.cpp
  •   simond/src/clientsocket.cpp
  •   simond/src/clientsocket.h
  •   simond/src/synchronisationmanager.cpp
  •   simond/src/synchronisationmanager.h
  •   simonlib/simonprotocol/simonprotocol.h
  •   simonlib/simonscenariobase/scenarioobject.cpp
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/modelmanager.cpp
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/modelmanager.h
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/scenario.cpp
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/scenariomanager.cpp
  •   simon/src/simonmodelmanagementui/modelmanageruiproxy.cpp
  •   simon/src/simonmodelmanagementui/modelmanageruiproxy.h
  •   simon/src/simonrecognitioncontrol/recognitioncontrol.cpp
  •   simon/src/simonrecognitioncontrol/recognitioncontrol.h
15 files changed in total