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Optimization in KDE Base

Vishesh Handa committed changes in [nepomuk-core/feature/newIndexer] /fileindexer/indexer:

FileIndexing Plugins: Tell the plugin the mime type of the file

This way they do not need to determine it on their own. Plus many
extractors handle multiple file types.

File Changes

Modified 12 files
  • /fileindexer/indexer
  •   services/exiv2extractor.cpp
  •   services/exiv2extractor.h
  •   services/extractor.h
  •   services/ffmpegextractor.cpp
  •   services/ffmpegextractor.h
  •   services/indexer.cpp
  •   services/plaintextextractor.cpp
  •   services/plaintextextractor.h
  •   services/popplerextractor.cpp
  •   services/popplerextractor.h
  •   services/taglibextractor.cpp
  •   services/taglibextractor.h
12 files changed in total