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Optimization in KDE-PIM

David Faure committed changes in [kdepimlibs/KDE/4.9] /:

Optimize ChangeRecorder to only update 8 bytes on disk when dequeuing.

Rather than saving the whole file (of pending notifications) every
time, just because the first item was dequeued. This reduces disk I/O
considerably, and speeds up processing (especially in the nepomuk
feeder). In the IMAP resource (when marking 2000 emails as read) I
couldn't time a difference since it's mostly network-based anyway.
But at least the disk is usable by other processes meanwhile ;)

File Changes

Modified 3 files
  •   akonadi/changerecorder.cpp
  •   akonadi/changerecorder_p.cpp
  •   akonadi/changerecorder_p.h
3 files changed in total