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Features in Graphics

Benni Hill committed changes in [gwenview] /:

Added the possibility to adjust the aspect ratio of a thumbnail
item in the thumbnailview
For now 3:2 is default but can be manually changed in gwenviewrc
under [ThumbnailView], e.g.:
ThumbnailAspectRatio=1 for 1:1 or
ThumbnailAspectRatio=1.5 for 3:2 or
ThumbnailAspectRatio=1.33 for 4:3 or
ThumbnailAspectRatio=1.78 for 16:9, etc.

REVIEW: 105886

File Changes

Modified 9 files
  •   app/browsemainpage.cpp
  •   app/startmainpage.cpp
  •   importer/thumbnailpage.cpp
  •   lib/gwenviewconfig.kcfg
  •   lib/thumbnailview/previewitemdelegate.cpp
  •   lib/thumbnailview/previewitemdelegate.h
  •   lib/thumbnailview/thumbnailbarview.cpp
  •   lib/thumbnailview/thumbnailview.cpp
  •   lib/thumbnailview/thumbnailview.h
9 files changed in total