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Features in Utilities

Friedrich Karl Tilman Pülz committed changes in [publictransport] /:

Own class to show stops in Marble, add to runner

- New class MarbleProcess, manages a Marble process
and sends DBus messages to show the stop in it
- MarbleProcess is available through libpublictransporthelper
- The runner uses it to show it's result stops in Marble
as run action

File Changes

Added 2 files
  •   libpublictransporthelper/marbleprocess.cpp
  •   libpublictransporthelper/marbleprocess.h
Modified 8 files
  •   applet/publictransport.cpp
  •   applet/publictransport.h
  •   applet/publictransport_p.cpp
  •   applet/publictransport_p.h
  •   libpublictransporthelper/CMakeLists.txt
  •   runner/CMakeLists.txt
  •   runner/publictransportrunner.cpp
  •   runner/publictransportrunner.h
10 files changed in total