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Features in KDE Base

Ivan Čukić committed changes in [kde-baseapps] /src:

Konqueror reports the open/close document events to activity manager daemon.

By knowing which window contains which documents and which one is in
focus, we can do the following:

- collect the statistics about visited pages. Further, this provides a
score for each document visited, that depends on the number of times it
was open, the time the user spent on that location, and the time passed
since the last visit.
- availability of a global/workspace applet that allows sharing the
current document via e-mail, social networks; bookmarking and rating the
link, or connecting it to the current activity. (advantage of this is a
unified UI for sharing/rating/linking that works with any
- jump-lists (not impl. yet in plasma) to list top rated documents on a
launcher icon or in the task manager applet
- krunner can sort the documents based on the score
- more things that I haven't thought of yet

There is no need to *use* ativities to have these benefits. Activities
just serve as manual data clustering to provide more useful scores
compared to the one-activity approach.


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