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Features in KDE Base

Christoph Cullmann committed changes in [kate] /app:

LRU sorted document switching
will keep track on view activation
the CTRL-ALT-O list is LRU sorted, latest used doc first
pre-seletected is the previous used doc
just cursor down to broswe in LRU history order
we can't have CTRL-ALT-LEFT/RIGHT do that without such a dialog, otherwise you just would
swap between the latest 2 documents, as as soon as the next one is activated, the last
used one will be next in lru stack

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  • /app
  •   kate/katequickopen.cpp
  •   kate/katequickopen.h
  •   kate/kateviewmanager.cpp
  •   kate/kateviewmanager.h
4 files changed in total