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Features in KDE Base

Marco Martin committed changes in [kde-runtime] /declarativeimports:

remove the kdialog based querydialog

Dialogs are always plasma-themed, and if possible are inline.
only if there is not enough space (like in a panel) they get moved in a separate window
this removes quite some c++ usage and hopefully solves some layouting problems in dialogs

M +- -- desktoptheme/air/widgets/background.svgz

File Changes

Added 1 files
  • plasma/declarativeimports/plasmacomponents/qml/private/InlineDialog.qml
Deleted 5 files
  • /declarativeimports/plasmacomponents
  •   plasma/fullscreendialog.cpp
  •   plasma/fullscreendialog.h
  •   plasma/kdialogproxy.cpp
  •   plasma/kdialogproxy.h
  •   plasma/platformcomponents/touch/Dialog.qml
Modified 6 files
  • /declarativeimports
  •   plasma/core/dialog.cpp
  •   plasma/core/dialog.h
  •   plasma/plasmacomponents/CMakeLists.txt
  •   plasma/plasmacomponents/plasmacomponentsplugin.cpp
  •   plasma/plasmacomponents/qml/Dialog.qml
  •   plasma/plasmacomponents/qml/qmldir
12 files changed in total