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Bug Fixes in Multimedia

Matěj Laitl committed changes in [amarok] /:

PlaylistActions: fix sloppy "stop playing after" API and friends clean-up some EngineController <-> PlaylistActions interaction
and remove some hackiness like frequent calls to ::repaingPlaylist()

First, I wanted to merge the
- but the patch just opened my eyes to a greater flaw in the design of
"stop playing after"... So thanks, V. A. Amarnath - you triggered me
studying the code.

REVIEW: 107457

File Changes

Modified 10 files
  •   ChangeLog
  •   src/ActionClasses.cpp
  •   src/EngineController.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistActions.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistActions.h
  •   src/scriptengine/AmarokPlaylistScript.cpp
  •   src/dbus/mpris1/PlayerHandler.cpp
  •   src/dbus/mpris2/MediaPlayer2AmarokExtensions.cpp
  •   src/playlist/view/PlaylistViewCommon.cpp
  •   src/playlist/view/listview/PrettyListView.cpp
10 files changed in total